Passwords hell…

Passwords are the bain of human intelligence.

Quickest way to fry brain matter is ask someone to create yet another password. By time you figure one out that might fit the Site’s requirements you no longer no what you came up with and can’t get into yet another account you created for productivity, creativity and convenience.

I’m sorry, what does convenient mean again?

A way to waste someone’s time and true potential devising a code that hackers can’t hack. Pchhh! Nonsense! I have to hire a hacker just to find all my accounts and reset them for me so I can access them.

No uppercase this and needs at least X amount of characters, must have a symbol but not the one you happen to randomly choose, you then need to retype it, spin on your head twice, don’t forget to put a number in the password and kiss your butt like you are kissing away your personal information and ball busting work cause you are NEVER getting into that account again…

Or that one or that one orrrr, that one! Except maybe by a freak Rubix cube solving accident.  Oops too weak, try another. Passwords don’t match.  You have an account under that email address already.

WTH do you mean that’s not my security answer?  Ah crap!  Heavens to mergatroid, where did I store Grandpa’s old fashion typewriter?! Attic? Shed? thrift store? My preteen neice in Calimazoo?!


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